Friday, January 29, 2016



by Tom Leveen


The story takes place in a small town that is overrun with a disease that make the infected hostile against those that are not. When things go bad at the town’s fenced in high school and the protagonist Brian gets trapped in the drama room he realizes that he has to save his sister and ex girlfriend from the infected students before they get them.

My thoughts:

While the book has all the things a zombie book should have, namely suspense, horror, and gore, it does not do too much to expand on it. While the author does make it so that the infected are not undead but sick with a disease, this makes it difficult morally for the survivors to kill them even when they directly threaten their lives and they have seen what they do to people they catch, the suspense and horror go away towards the middle of the book, even the gore starts to go away, though it comes back every once and a while. I liked the characters though sometimes you just wonder why they say or do some things and the setting was quite interesting. You can feel bad for the characters and understand their fears and worries but the protagonist Brian and his friend Chad can do or say things that don’t make much sense.

I recommend this book as it is still a good read and you may enjoy it more than I did though I don’t recommend it for those that can’t take very descriptive gore in books. For its few flaws I can still recommend Sick by Tom Leveen to lovers of zombie horror stories.

reviewed by A.K., Grade 10 Scona student

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