Wednesday, November 13, 2013



by Chris Wooding


Everyone''s heard of it...but nobody''s read it. Luke, Seth, and Kady have heard all the stories about Malice-a secret comic about a strange, awful world full of tricks and traps, and overseen by a sinister master of ceremonies, Tall Jake. But if the rumours are to be believed, the children in this comic are real...

Luke is the first to fall into this trap-and Seth and Kady are the next to follow. They have left our world and entered the sinister comic book. The question is-can they make it out alive? From acclaimed author, Chris Wooding, a novel that''s half fact, half comic-and all thrills.

My Thoughts:

In the graphic novel, Malice by Chris Wooding, Seth and Kady have been taken out of the real world and have been put into a comic book that has a Sinister Master of Ceremonies named Tall Jake. Seth and Kady end up in the other world is by saying a chant. Tall Jake put a whole bunch of deadly trials and traps for these two kids to pass. If they complete this comic they can go back to the real world but if they don’t they can end up trapped here.

I really liked the how it was part novel part comic, it was different from any book that i have read. The picture of the book really caught my eye because it says “you can’t escape” and had a picture of a magician. You get a feeling like you know what’s happening to the kids because the story has a story that tells what is happening to them as it goes on. I also like the action in the book because the two kids have to escape and get passed the traps and obstacles that Tall Jakes sets out for them. They way Seth and Kady got trapped in the city of Malice was really neat because they didn’t believe the urban legends they heard. Malice is the first of a duology, concluding with Havoc. I would recommend this book to junior high students who like transitions between comics and novels.

reviewed by D.L. Grade 10 Scona Student

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