Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

by Stephen Chbosky


Charlie, an awkward teenager, is a "wallflower" a shy boy who prefers to watch rather than get involved. That is until two students become his mentors. Patrick and his free-spirited stepsister Sam show Charlie how to view things from a different perspective. How to enjoy music, first loves, and the overall joy of having true friends. When his teacher helps make his dream of being a writer a reality Charlie is ravished with happiness. That is until his two friends graduate and his confidence starts to fade.

My thoughts:

I was given this book as a gift in April. I had heard about it a long time before as well as watching a snippet of the newly produced movie when my friends were watching it on the airplane. I never really knew what it was about and it didn't really appeal to me. That was until I started reading and couldn't put down the book. I was quickly able to relate to Charlie (being a high school student who was once very shy). The realism and detail in the novel is strong throughout the novel pulling readers like myself to forget about reality and stay up all night reading. Charlie's life has many twists and turns and shows just how tough life can be. With the diary format of the book, it’s easy to understand not only Charlie's words but his thoughts and feelings. This book often reminded me of the strong bonds and quirky adventures in Paper Towns, although the more serious topics, as well as format separated the two novels. The one and only downside to the novel in my opinion is not shedding light to the fate of a few sub-characters. Overall great read, and tremendously relatable.

Overall rating: 8 ½ books / 10 (I highly recommend this to any teenage student who has had ups and downs. So basically everyone).

reviewed by I. F., Grade 10 Scona student

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